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Lily Abha Cratsley

Photo by Noah Pavlov

Lily Abha Cratsley is a playwright and performer who dives into dissonance. Her creative work centers liminal spaces like the tumultuous water between America and India where she locates her identity. Her newest works include ABCD, a full-length play about intergenerational trauma in Desi-American communities, and The Fairy Who Cried Gems, her solo-show centering young Desi women. The former was a featured finalist in two competitive festivals–the Occidental New Works Festival and the Garry Marshall Theatre New Works Festival–before its first workshop production at Greenway Court Theatre with KriyaShakti Performing Arts. The latter is set to premiere at the 2024 Hollywood Fringe Festival after a successful workshop at Keck Theater.


Lily attended Georgetown University and Occidental College, where she completed an Independent Pattern of Study in Performing Arts & Social Justice. In addition to her writing, she is an accomplished actor, vocalist, & mover, performing in countless stage plays, musicals, concerts, and choirs across the country. She regularly performs sketch comedy as one half of the comedic duo How I Met Your Masi and previously performed as a company member of the acrobatic Occidental Children's Theater.

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