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A Full Length Play

While preparing dinner, three generations of Indian women clash and comfort one another. Willow, a young academic, is eager to learn all that her Nani can teach her. Aditi, a divorced mom, finds herself stuck between an overbearing mother and a critical daughter. Nani, the family's matriarch, must face Jersey City once again after having moved back to India. What will happen when loss, love, and longing are shared across the dinner table?


"That tongue-in-cheek quality is reflected in Lily Abha Cratsley’s lively new play ABCD (American Born Confused Desi), now enjoying a limited run at the Greenway Court Theatre. An intergenerational comedy drama that examines the differences and commonalities of three female South Asian family members, ABCD has plenty of down-to-earth, slice-of-life humor. Yet it also makes serious points about the difficulties of assimilation and the ever-present danger of racial hatred in American society."

- F. Kathleen Foley of StageRaw

"In this 'trial by fire' the women must try to blend three cultures into a workable whole while also dealing with trauma that each has experienced for being 'different.' Helmed by J. Mehr Kaur with compassion and sensitivity, ABCD digs right into the issues which both separate and inexorably draw these women together. The talented trio of actors often draw from their own experiences, as did author Cratsley, to present a thoughtful and compelling study of cultural conflict."

- Elaine Mura of Splash Magazine

First Workshop Production

Greenway Arts Alliance & KriyaShakti Performing Arts

by Lily A
bha Cratsley

at Greenway Court Theatre
Saturdays, November 11 & 18 at 3pm & 7pm
Sundays, November 12 & 19 at 7pm

Friday, December 1 at 7pm
Saturday, December 2 at 3pm & 7pm

Directed by
J. Mehr Kaur

Nikita Chaudhry, Sonal Shah, & Suni M!

ABCD at Greenway - Final (1).png

Photos by Nick Graves

Staged Readings

September 24, 2022
Directed by Reena Dutt
Featuring Anjani Joshi, Sharmila Devar, & Suni M.

ABCD Garry Marshall Poster.jpg

February 26, 2022
Directed by Reena Dutt
Featuring Nikita Chaudhry, Shivani Thakkar, & Shruti Tewari

Oxy New Works Festival Poster.jpeg
Oxy New Works Festival Poster with Team
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